WebGL Games

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

What are WebGL Games?

WebGL is an emerging web technology used to create interactive 3D medical simulation training and assessment games. It is simply an API (application programming interface) used typically in browsers as a means of integrating 3D graphics. In a lot of ways, it is similar to most other plugins used by modern web browsers – with one unique quality. It ensures that you can integrate 3D graphics without having to use any plugin. This is often a problem that comes with older browser plugins greatly enhancing WebGL’s potential . In other words, WebGL is now the industry standard in 3D graphics integration from browsers to smartphones. This would allow games to be played on your tablets, smartphones as well on your desktops through the internet.

There are existing WebGL medical applications, frameworks, toolkits, and showcases. Some are released as open source projects to provide insights for developers on functional examples of medical visualization and web-based 3D medical training & assessment simulation games for educational and research purposes. In medicine, WebGL technology is used to created browser-based interactive anatomy atlases and 3D medical imaging (DICOM) visualization.

WebGL is already used in enterprise grade applications, open source projects and for 3D interactive games. However, there is still a lack of 3D medical projects despite the ease of production of many useful library & frameworks to build WebGL-powered apps and simulation games. One such simulation game is the ABCDE Sim Game by Virtual Med School.