360 Video Games

For a game, you don’t need a teacher.

What are 360 Video Games?

360-degree video allows a viewer to interact and explore the area around the camera. It is applying 360 camera picture using virtual reality (VR) technology so as to create a better immersive environment for the users. The terms “360” and “virtual reality” are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences. The 360-degree photos and videos are panoramic pics and videos that have been stitched together, so you can turn your head to look around you. But these aren’t virtual worlds: you don’t have free movement to explore them as you do in full virtual reality experiences. A 360 camera and editing software is needed to film and then knit together VR footage into a complete footage that is subsequently converted into a game. One such company that did excellent work in this area is Level Ex.