SIMS Challenge 2020

About SIMS Challenge 2020

Rapid advancements in game technologies research, which includes simulation games, virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things and machine learning, are revolutionising the future of healthcare simulation training and assessments. With these developments in mind, the Serious Games Association (SGA) is proud to organise the 2nd SIMS Challenge, a healthcare simulation game design competition stretching from 5 th March to 5 th November 2020. The competition explores innovative application of game technologies to enhance learning for the healthcare industry.


The steps to participate in the challenge is simple!

Round 1

Step 1: Anyone from a healthcare organisation (hospital, eldercare centre, polyclinic, medical school, nursing school, etc) could form a team of a maximum of 5 persons.

Step 2: Each team must submit their simulation game concepts to the international review committee. The game concept should explain in detail what is the purpose of the game and what you expect to achieve with the game.

Step 3: Wait for the international review committee to shortlist your game for Round 2.

Results of Round 1 – Winning Teams

Round 2

Step 1: Each team must register and make payment for the challenge. Each team must have a representative to present the project at the finals. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the organisers understand that many of the participating teams may face difficulties in raising financial support, the registration fees for this year’s SIMS Challenge will be waived.

Step 2: Shortlisted projects will now be able to work with their preferred game developer to develop the prototype game. If the shortlisted projects does not have a game developer, they could still proceed to develop their game concept without a game developer. All teams will need to illustrate their game concepts either with a prototype game or simply showcase it as a storyboard in a powerpoint format. In either case, the team would need to define their game concepts to the judges at the finals through a presentation.

Step 3: Each team will have the same period of time to work with their game developer to develop the prototype game. No funding will be provided to the teams during the prototype development stage. Each team and their game developer (if applicable) will have to find their own resources to develop the prototype game.

Step 4: Each team will submit their prototype game to the organisers in advance to the competition finals. The teams (at least 1 representative of the teams) will be invited to present their project at the SIMS Challenge Finals 2020 on the 5 November 2020.

Results of Round 2 – Winning Teams Proceeding to Finals

Each team has obtained 50% of the final scores. The remaining 50% will be based on their presentation at the finals on the 5 November.

Team Alchemist – Perfect Portion                               40
Team Cells-At-Work – Tower of Immunology        40
Team Team – Pre-Hospital Care Simulation           39
Team NYF – Defence of the Superbug                      38
Team Exergamer – Bioware                                            37
Team UTAR – MDRO Carnival                                        26


To qualify for the SIMS Challenge, entries must:

      1. Have clearly defined, measurable learning objectives
      2. Provide players with a clearly identified challenge/problem
      3. Make use of simulation and/or gaming technology in the solution
      4. Provide players with positive/negative feedback with respect to progress toward the game’s challenge
      5. Achieve the established learning objectives
      6. Be original (as opposed to novel uses of existing games or modifications to existing games)

Important Dates


Top 3 winners stand a chance to walk away with attractive cash prizes!

The winners will get:

      • 1 st Position S$ 500 Cash; Winner’s Trophy
      • 2 nd Position S$ 300 Cash; Winner’s Trophy
      • 3 rd Position S$ 150 Cash; Winner’s Trophy

Submission & Registration

All teams must first submit their simulation game concept by the 17 April 2020. The submission link is now closed! 

All successful teams must register their teams for Round 2 by the 15 May 2020. Registration payment will also be via our online payment system here.

Important Notes:

Read the Rules: Most of the questions that we get every year are clearly answered in the guidelines. These guidelines will help you understand what is required of each team and the submissions to the different categories.
For Round 1, complete the Online Game Concept Submission Form that would provide the organisers with your team’s details and concept. Use this form to tell us about your game. Information from this form is used in the judging process to better understand what your game is about and for whom it is intended.

Refer to the Instructions and the Sample Submission Form to gather the required information, and when you are ready, enter everything into the Online Application Form. With these information, our Round 1 judges will then be able to determine which teams will proceed on to Round 2.

Only the successful teams would need to pay the Final Challenge Entry Fee. The fees are listed below:

Each team member – SGD 270 per person 

Upon receiving the entry fee, the organisers will setup an account for each team in preparation for the teams to develop and upload their game.
The teams’ developers should use the “Checklist” provided by the organisers to make sure each game submission is completed. The Declaration Form releases your game for use in the SIMS Challenge. A signed copy (actual signature) must be included with your submission — a scanned copy is acceptable.

Upload your game and supporting content: After completing the Intent to Submit form, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to upload your submittal package including the game, video, screenshots and signed Declaration Form to the SIMS Challenge 2020 game upload site. Make sure you review the Checklist and submit all required items.
Any questions about the forms or guidance needed on the submissions process can be directed to

The teams will be informed of the time schedule of their finals presentation on the 05 November 2020. The SIMS Games 2020 will now be a virtual event. More details will be provided soon.


Please note that the Serious Games Design Workshop registration is closed.

Please note that the 360 Video for Gamified Immersive Learning Workshop registration is closed.

Competition Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still confused or have more questions? Please take the time to consult our FAQ.

If your question is not answered or you need more clarification do not hesitate to ask by emailing for help and support.

1. When can my team submit the game idea or concept?
Game idea or concept submission opens 4 March 2020 (Wednesday) and closes 17 April 2020 (Friday). All game ideas or concepts must be submitted in this window to be eligible for the SIMS Challenge 2020.

2. My team does not have a game developer or technology partner to help us in the game idea or concept, can I still participate?
Yes, your team can still participate. We do not need each team to have a developer or a technology partner when they submit their game ideas and concepts. The organisers will help each team to find a developer or a technology partner should the team be successful to be selected for the SIMS Challenge Finals.

3. My team game could not be ready at the finals. Will my team be penalised?
Yes. We need a working, playable version of the game by the SIMS Challenge Finals. We need to see a playable version for our finalist selection process so uncompleted games will be penalised.

4. Can I submit my game idea or concept if it is a mod (modification) of another game?
SIMS Challenge does not support “modded” games. Only original ideas and concepts are allowed. If your team is modifying another game, the team must present what is the unique idea or concept in the modification.

5. Our game requires a special controller or a security dongle to play properly. Is this acceptable?
Yes, you can still submit. You must provide ONE piece of specialized hardware (controller, security dongle, etc.) before the SIMS Challenge Finals. This is to allow the judges a chance to test the game.

6. I am a medical school student with a serious game. Can I submit in the Student Category?
There is no differentiation between student entries and open category entries for this competition.

7. I can’t travel to SIMS Challenge Finals if I am selected as a finalist. Is this ok?
If you are selected as a finalist, you are required to attend SIMS Challenge Finals or provide a proxy to display your game on the show floor. This requires someone to be available for the full duration of SIMS Challenge Finals.

8. I am a foreign national with a serious game. Can I enter?
International entries are highly encouraged. If your game is played primarily in a language other than English, you will be required to provide enough translated material for our judges to adequately play and evaluate your game.

9. Is there a cost or entrance fee involved with participating in the challenge?
There is a non-refundable application fee that must be paid by the finalist. The application fee may be paid by cheque or bank draft.