SIMS Games 2020

SIMS Games 2020 is virtual conference promoting the use of serious games in the Asian community. The theme for the conference is “Partnership through Play”. It will be held on the 5 November 2020 through the Remo Conference Platform. Registration will be open soon!

Remo provides an interactive conference room where delegates can interact with one another at different virtual tables: networking in live video conversations, exchanging contact details and even planning follow-up meetings.

Through this platform, we hope to bring you the SIMS Challenge 2020 ‘live’. SIMS Challenge 2020 will have 5 finalist teams presenting their innovative prototype simulation training & assessment games for the healthcare industry. Come and support your teams and also learn from the other teams on how they apply serious games in the healthcare education domain. For more details, please go to:

Besides the presentations from the SIMS Games Challenge 2020 finalist, you will also be able to listen and share the journey taken by 4 clinician teams on how they conceptualize, design and collaborated with instructional designers and game developers to develop their own set of Medical Training & Assessment Games.

SIMS Games 2020 will have invited speakers from the Serious Games Industry coming on board to share their experiences and expertise on developing Serious Games for training and assessments.

So, block the date on the 5 November 2020 to join us at SIMS Games 2020! Registration will open soon.  The detailed program will be coming up soon.