Applied Games

We co-design all our applied games with the end-users.

The second type of games is referred as applied games. Such games are developed to engage the end user to encourage positive motivation towards a specific activity. In this case, the game serves as a medium or interface. One such applied game is REHABILITY – a rehabilitation game co-designed with patients.

With REHABILITY, patients can carry out their rehabilitation exercises, from either the centre in which they are hospitalized or remotely, autonomously but with constant medical supervision. This version is based on many years scientific research with specific studies in stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease.

REHABILITY aims to support a patient centric, continuous care environment operating seamlessly between the therapist and the patients.

REHABILITY enables patients to carry out their personalised rehabilitation exercises from the convenience and safety of their home.

  • Constant medical supervision is guaranteed thanks to the software that allows personalised parameters to be set and adjusted and the remote collection and analysis of data.
  • Benefits: continuity of therapy, personalised service, speed of processing and patient quality of life.
  • Works on mobile, tablet and PC.
  • With familiar environments to make it interesting and motivating for the patient.

We also have the REHABILITY kids which is the rehabilitation version specifically designed for use in pediatrics. And there is the REHABILITY lite which is the version specifically dedicated to elderly people to help them realise their potential and promote active ageing, combining physical and mental well-being, social participation and independence in a non-clinical context.