AppFORO is our solution to a common Marketplace for Serious Games!

AppFORO is a platform approach for all immersive technology to work together linking to a learning management system (LMS). This platform allows us to group the different technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies could be developed and deployed.

In terms of training and assessment games, AppFORO’s Game Development Platform provides a means to create highly configurable games using a set of common artefacts (shared depository of graphics) that can be controlled using a powerful backend system.

Developers can focus on creating new environment using common tools such as Unity 3D while the subject-matter-experts (domain expertise) personalize or tweak scenarios based on their rich content background. This would leave the instructional designers to focus on the learning outcome they desire by leveraging on the established learning objectives.

In other words, developers may provide a default configuration of the game that is already playable into the AppFORO Game Development Platform, which will allow the non-technical subject-matter-experts and the instructional designers to make changes specifically directed to each category of user based on the user requirements. This allows the scaling up of the game with more scenarios simpler.

Instead of spending time and effort in developing the game, the focus is now shifted to deploying the game. Only through successful deployment, organisations could start to collect the game generated data for its true value. AppFORO is built to collate data from various game mediums whether it is a desk-top game, a mobile game, a VR game or an Augmented Reality driven game.

AppFORO strives to be the common platform that serves as the Market Place for all Serious Games in the near future. Below is our vision of a Games for Health Market Place: